This appeared in the Surfer's Journal.  Photo by Ron Stoner.
This appeared in the Surfer’s Journal. Photo by Ron Stoner.
The Ugly LE
This article entitled "Men and their Models," appeared in the Surfer's Journal.
This article entitled “Men and their Models,” appeared in the Surfer’s Journal.

The Ugly® “Limited Edition”

Custom Made in the USA

The Ugly Limited Edition (LE) will have a maximum of 250 made with a Balsa wood core laminated with any type, combination and composition of other wood.  The composition of wood is limited only by your own imagination.  Each will be uniquely hand crafted to the original specifications of The Ugly shape, established in 1966. Each will be numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Bob Purvey.
The Ugly is pure functionality. It was principally designed by Bob Purvey to get the longest nose rides.  Bob proved The Ugly’s capabilities when he won the Morey-Pope Pro Noseriding Invitational, one of the first professional surf contests in the history of the sport. It was 1966, and The Ugly grabbed the world’s attention with its unique wide blunt nose shape.  Check out Legend of the Ugly for the complete story.
Since then, The Ugly has become the standard bearer for noserider designs because it contains all the elements to maneuver the board from the front end.  Also, The Ugly shape is difficult to accomplish because of the many curves and it is a challenge to shape making it a true test of a shaper’s skill.
The Ugly LE features a wood spreader to widen the nose, a deep concave one-third of the board’s overall length to make the nose float higher, a kicked up tail for hold, soft 50/50 rails, wood nose and tail blocks, a glassed on wood fin, volan glass and double rapped rails for durability. All in a high gloss polished finish.
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$5,500 for 9′ to 10′ 6″

Basic price includes: Wood laminations include any combination and variety of types, Ugly wedge stringer, nose and tail blocks, fin box or glass-on fin, Volan glass, gloss and polish (specialty items may have an additional cost).  Currently # 29 through # 242 are available.
For details please contact us at: uglyboards@TheUglySurfboard.com or call us at 310-457-8306