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Bob Purvey rolling off the lip at San Miguel contest. 1967
Bob Purvey rolling off the lip at San Miguel contest. 1967
The Ugly Hybrid
This was the first Super Ugly advertisement.
This was the first Super Ugly advertisement.

The Ugly® Hybrid

Custom Made in the USA

The Ugly Hybrid is a contemporary version of The Ugly. It incorporates all new technology in its construction. We use state of the art composite materials to keep it light and durable.
The Hybrid has all the basic features of The Ugly shape but its lighter and faster. The rails are turned to create lift along the hips and tail. So, it’s more responsive in the turns, and snappier off cutbacks. Of course The Ugly nose and tail-shapes still gives those long nose rides that The Ugly is known for, without any compromise for improved turn-ability.
The Ugly Hybrid is stable from front-to-back and side-to-side. Whether you’re ready to take on the challenges of noseriding or just a beginner, the Hybrid will make it easy for you to get up there onto the nose and give you the thrill of being out front.
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All boards are custom built. We do not carry stock boards.
Watch for Ugly boards appearing in your local surf shop.
*$975 or **$955 for 8′ 5″ to 9′ 6″
*$1,005 or **$985 for 9′ 7″ to 10′ 6″
*Basic price includes: Standard polyurethane foam blank, foam wedge stringer, fin box, 14 ounce (8 oz. + 6 oz.) glass on deck, 8 ounce glass on bottom, leash plug, gloss & polish.
**Basic price includes all of the above but for lighter weight blank, 10 ounce (6 oz. + 4 oz.) glass on deck, 6 ounce glass on bottom, and sanded finish (no gloss coat).
Contact us for details at: uglyboards@TheUglySurfBoard.com or call us at 310-457-8306