Ordering Instructions and process:

If you have any questions, most answers can be found on our FAQ page, i.e., for choosing the proper dimensions for your body size, pricing and signing the order form, etc.  Otherwise, if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 310-457-8306. Or, email us at uglyboards@theuglysurfboard.com Contact information is also at the bottom of the order form.

There are three ways to submit your order form.  Tap on the order form image on the left.  You’ll be taken to the Acrobat Reader where you can proceed.

  1. There, you can simply fill in the fields in the order form.  This digital process only works with Internet Explorer.  After you fill in the fields, save it as a .PDF document and attach it to an email.  Or,

  2. Print the order form and fill it out by hand.  Then scan and attach it in an email. Or,

  3. Print it, fill it out by hand and then mail it to the address below. Should you choose to hand write the form, please print clearly.

If you have a unique graphic design, let us know how you envision your Ugly board.  More details are better understood if you show us – provide samples of colors, photos, etc., with descriptions.
A 50% deposit, of the base price, is required to proceed with manufacturing.

Make check payable to Aqua Tech Glassing/Ugly Boards or pay securely online through Paypal (you do not have to join Paypal).  Otherwise mail your order, details and check to:
Ugly Enterprises
PO Box 4064
Malibu, CA 90264 USA
Additionally, you must sign the “Terms of Sale” agreement at the bottom of the order form.  The FAQ‘s has instructions on “How to SIGN the digital order form.”   When we receive your deposit we will contact you to confirm review your order details.  Then you will get a “Board Number” and the manufacturing process begins. Manufacturing may take from 6 to 8 weeks.
  1. Just to be sure, you will be asked if you read the “Terms of Sale,” and if you agree. Again, please read the Terms of Sale. You are obligated to the Terms of Sale upon receipt of your Order Confirmation.
  2. When we review your order, we will discuss your details and any extra cost for additions you may have to the base price, such as color, fin, cloth, etc.
  3. Each board comes built with the basics, which includes our wedge stringer, polyurethane foam blank,  S glass and a clear, polished finish.
  4. We will also determine if you will pick up the board from the factory in Marina Del Rey or if we should ship it, once the balance is paid. If you choose to have it shipped you will be required to insure it, as well as pay for shipping and handling.   We will use the carrier of your choice or recommend one and let you know the fees before you decide.
Our prices are competitive. Price quotes are maintained but subject to change with market fluctuations in material costs.
If you have any questions, email us at uglyboards@theuglysurfboard.com, or call us at 310-457-8306.
Team Ugly